Our company

We are a company owned by a Japanese enterprise, that operates on several continents. Our profile is production of steel components for automotive industry. Our company group covers both manufacturing and engineering activities. We supply automotive factories all over Europe. Continuous development, competitive price, with high quality.

Our company, as a member of the Sanoh group, deals with the production of automotive parts. Sanoh Magyar Kft. was established in Esztergom in 2006, and started production in 2007. Initially our parts were installed into Suzuki vehicles, but nowadays we also supply to several large automobile factories throughout Europe. Every year, we deliver millions of parts to our customers that guarantee safety for vehicles and their users as well.

Our principal product is the steel brake tube, which we can provide for our customers in different processing levels, according to their needs. We also supply fuel tubes for some of our customers, that are also made of steel.

The company Sanoh was founded in Japan in 1939. The business group is currently active on several continents. In Asia, North and South America, and Europe. Altogether, 82 factories in 19 countries supply the world’s major automotive manufacturers. Engineering activities are also significant, in addition to the production of fittings. The company has machinery design and manufacturing capabilities in Japan, China and England. In addition to various steel products, the group also supplies plastic parts for automobile factories, on a global level.

  • Global Context
  • Constant improvement
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Unique technology
  • Outstanding quality
  • Processes are cost-effective