Our production processes are established based on technical drawing specifications. Most of our production equipments are developed and assembled within the company group. Our quality management system is certified by a third party in accordance with automotive industry expectations. Our EMS ensures the reduction of energy consumption and waste.


We always use the most appropriate technologies for the production of our goods. We use a wide range of methods, from manual operations to fully automated systems. Our goal is to implement cost-effective production using the Lean philosophy.

Our main process steps:

  • beading formation,
  • bending,
  • assembly

Production technology

The various processing stages are mostly carried out with the group’s own designed and manufactured machines. Sanoh has machine producing activities in several countries (Japan, China, England).

Control techniques

Our metrology is created, so that the semi-finished goods production and sampling tests can guarantee the conformity of our components. With our tools, we are able to examine the specifications of the components on the drawing:

  • Size (length-diameter) control
  • Non-contact size control
  • Coordinate measurements
  • Purity test
  • Leakage test
  • Tightening torque measurement

Quality awareness

Our products are classified as critical safety components and for this reason quality receives special attention in our company. Our team is constantly working on with customer requirements and other relevant legislation.

Our systems accredited by third party:

Certificate - IATF 16949:2016

Annex to certificate - IATF 16949:2016